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 Basis of price calculation for translations

In general, the fee charged for a translation is calculated according to the target text, i. e. the translation, because this is the actual product you are buying. Traditionally, the fee is calculated according to the number of lines. A standard line consists of 50 or 55 characters including spaces. In the international market, fees for translations are frequently calculated according to the number of words in the source text.

 Quotations and cost estimates for translation projects

tues practices both calculation methods, depending on the customer's choice, or submits a binding fixed price offer or cost estimate for your translation project free of charge.

Texts in an editible format are normally invoiced according to the number of words in the source text. Our fixed price quoations and cost estimates are also based on word rates.

Texts in illustrations such as scans or fax messages as well as translations of short texts are invoiced according to the number of lines in the target text, as the preparation of a fixed price offer would be too laborious.

The localization/translation of website contents or illustrated documentation often requires the modification of texts that are incorporated in images. Image processing in connection with the translation and localization work is invoiced on a time basis and the price per hour is quoted in our current price list.

Terminology work is also calculated on an hourly basis acc. to the specifed rates.

You can find all prices and discounts at a glance in our current price list.
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DTP and layout work, such as conversion, reconversion and formatting, might be required if the translation and localization of DTP files is involved. This additional service is charged according to the number of pages. Further information...

 Line and word rates for translations

The price calculation for a translation to be done is subject to quite a number of criteria, which take the text type, its complexity, the target group of the translation, the research and localization work etc. into account. Furthermore, the text quantity of the target text generally exceeds that of the source text by up to 40 % depending on the language combination. This means that the indication of a range of line prices for the target text is not very helpful and gives the customer only a vague idea of what his translation project will actually cost.

The word rates specified in our price list refer to the source text and give you a first idea of the costs to be expected for the translation. The word count of Microsoft Word, for example, is however not very accurate, because words in text fields, headers and footers are not considered.

We have analyzing tools at our disposal, which assess the accurate number of words and additionally analyze the source text for repetitions or matches to previously translated texts for this customer. We therefore offer discounts for repeated or matching segments.

Alternatively, we offer discounts according to the total number of words in the source text. The staggered rates are specified in our current price list.

The easiest way to find out about the costs to be expected for your translation project is, however, to send an inquiry accompanied by the files to be translated. We will be pleased to quote a definitive fixed price per e-mail within 24 hours free of charge.

 Text review including proofreading in accordance with DIN EN 15038

Proofreading of translations and other texts is invoiced on the basis of word prices or hourly rates. The rates specified in our current price list apply.

We offer special prices for colleagues on request.

 Minimum ordering fee

The minimum ordering fee for translation orders is 35,00 euros excl. VAT.

 Delivery of the translation

Delivery of the translation per e-mail is free of costs. For the delivery of a print copy or a DVD/CD by post, the postage will be invoiced in addition.

 Terms of payment

In general, you will receive your invoice as a PDF per e-mail together with the translation. The invoice sum is due for payment within 14 days from the date of invoice. Complaints should be made within 14 days from receipt of the translation. After this period has expired, the translation is regarded as accepted.

On request, regular translation orders will be invoiced by the end of a month. You will receive your monthly invoice on the last day of the month. The afore-mentioned terms of payment apply here, too.

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