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Translations from special fields of technical engineering...

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We focus our activities on particular fields of technical translation, where expertise and experience ensure high quality in translation. The specified reference projects are some examples of 25 years of tanslation activities in engineering.

 Civil engineering


    Reference projects: translation of

  • tender specifications concerning the rehabilitation of the former Louis Pasteur Institute in Brussels.
  • tender specifications of construction work in US Depots in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • tender specifications of construction work at Ramstein Airbase
  • tender specifications concerning the rehabilitation and extension of the Royal Savoy Hotel in Lausanne
  • geotechnical expert reports
  • tender specifications for the installation of planted roofs
  • Metal working

    Reference projects:

  • Translation of website contents on stairs construction
  • Translation of the texbook "Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook", published by Europa-Lehrmittelverlag
  • Civil engineering

    Reference projects: translation of tendering documents and descriptions of construction work for

  • the sanitation and extension of a district sewer system in Hungary
  • the sanitation of the sewer system of the Dan Region in Isreal
  • the trenchless jacking of sewer pipes in Berlin
  • Interior finishing

    Reference projects: translation of

  • website contents and prospectus for the German door manufacturer Lebo Gmbh
  • prospectus and brochures for the German manufacturer of formwork, doors and laminates Westag & Getalit AG
  • Structural design and calculation

    Reference projects: translation of

  • software manuals and product descriptions of software applications for the structural design and calculation of load-bearing structures

 Mechanical engineering


    Reference projects: translation of functional descriptions of

  • process visualisation systems
  • process control systems of bituminous mixing plants
  • HVAC

    Reference projects: translation of manuals, operating instructions and catalogues for

  • air cleaners for extraction systems of processing machines
  • extraction hoods and ventilating ceilings for restaurant and canteen kitchens
  • installation and operating instructions for heat pumps
  • installation and functional descriptions of the pre-fab KAMINOFLEX chimney system
  • functional descriptions and tender specifications for cooling towers

  Electrical engineering


    Reference projects: translation of

  • functional descriptions of recording systems for landline, radio and VoIP communication
  • functional descriptions of emergency call acceptance and forwarding systems


    Reference projects: translation of

  • an image brochure for a vendor of facade and flat roof solutions
  • an image brochure for a manufacturer of doors, frames, formwork and laminates

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