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Communication helpers translation and localization


 Language combinations

tues offers qualified translations in the language combinations:
English -> German / French -> German
French -> English / English -> French

All translations are produced on the basis of DIN 2345 and DIN EN 15038. Further information...

 Technical translations

tues translates your technical documentation such as product descriptions, manuals , operating and maintenance instructions, design specifications, data sheets etc. including texts incorporated in images into German and adapts them to the German conventions for technical texts. All translations are submitted to stringent quality control. Further information...

We offer short delivery times and competitive prices.  We also grant discounts on high-volume translation orders and on the translation of text passages that repeat themselves in the same or any other document that we have translated for you. Further information...

The terminology is compiled with reference to the project and the company. tues sets up and maintains your in-house terminology in the form of a list, glossary or database.

You will receive a free cost estimate per e-mail. Please do not hestitate to contact us.

 Rush service                                                        Tel: +49 / 6348 / 61 50 352

Our rush service is available for your urgent translations. We translate short texts up to three pages (approx. 1,000 words) in 24 hours during the week and from Friday to Monday on weekends.  Urgent translations with higher word counts will be handled according to your desired schedule to the extent reasonable and practicable. Further information...

 Prospectus ∑ Catalogues ∑ Web Sites

tues localizes your website contents, catalogues and brochures in German and delivers the files ready for publishing on request. All translations pass through a stringent quality control process and are proof-read in accordance with DIN 2345 and the four-eyes principle (DIN EN 15038). Further information...

We of course translate all advertising texts in the standard formats and adapt them to suit German culture. In addition, we offer ready-to-publish solutions for the translation and localization of files in DTP formats. Further information...

Short delivery times and competitive prices go without saying, as does the granting of discounts on high-volume translation orders or the translation of text passages that repeat themselves either in the same or any other document that we have translated for you. Further information...

Please don't hesitate to ask for a free cost estimate per mail...


tues will review your German documents on request and update them to the new German orthography or put the finishing touch to them with respect to style. We are pleased to offer our colleagues proof-reading in accordance with the four-eyes principle, as required by DIN EN 15038. You will find the corresponding word rates in our current price list.

 Certified translations

tues offers certified translations of technical contracts or expert surveys for the language combinations English/German and French/German. The certification fee is 10.00 euros per document.

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