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Global communication thanks to translation and localization!

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Professional technical translations for experts by professionals!

The presentation of your company and products on the web and in printed media is an important marketing instrument. It advertizes your company and makes your products known on the domestic market. The German version of these presentations should fulfill the same task in the German-speaking target markets, because you want your company to be perceived among prospective German-speaking customers in the same manner as it is perceived at home. We ensure this by aligning the German translation of your texts to the conventions of the target culture. We take care that the style and the choice of words satisfy the expectations of the German-speaking target group and the technical terms comply with usage.

Your source texts reflect the professionalism and expertise of your company. We make sure that this is also true for the target texts and that they address experts adequately.

Your success in the German-speaking markets depends strongly on the quality of the translation. The selection of the appropriate translator is therefore of utmost importance.

 What makes the difference?

We do not simply transfer texts from the source to the target language, we localize them!

When we enter into cooperation with a new customer, we first examine the company's corporate identity and the products it offers. We take a look at your website and all published brochures and catalogues and ask for further reference documents if necessary. During the translation process, we clarify the technical background and all arising questions with our contact people in your company.

Our translation work complies with the regulations of relevant DIN standards and good working practices. The individual phases of the translation as well as all agreements with you are documented in a standardized QM procedure. We compile and maintain your corporate terminology and apply a consistent denomination concept to all texts.

Optionally, we check translations that you have post-edited before publication for any export/import or post-editing errors.

As a rule, you will always receive your translation by the agreed deadline.

Our skills are based on a qualified university education and decades of experience in technical translation.

Don't settle for less!

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